iron hydrogen sulfide and manganese remover


The ISM200 is a whole house filter that removes iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese from private well water. Well water with these naturally occurring elements is often trademarked by red staining, rotten egg smell, and/or black staining.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dependable oxidation media with the flexibility to operate either with or without chemicals for maximum performance
  • Digitally metered controls to ensure that wastewater is kept to a minimum
  • Flexible cycle controls for efficient and effective operation
  • Robust Ceramic Core valve construction for trouble free performance even in corrosive water
  • Capable of air draw or chlorine assist operation offering greater oxidation potential
  • Reduces (≥95%) iron levels to prevent red staining on surfaces and fixtures
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide levels to prevent rotten egg odors
  • Reduces (≥99%) manganese levels to reduce black staining
  • Automatic function offers “hands free” operation

Signs an Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Manganese Filter is Needed

  • Orange-brown or black stains in sinks or in the laundry

  • Metallic taste to drinking water

  • Pink rust stains around bathtubs, toilets, or pools

  • Rotten egg odor in water

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