water conditioner model


The C150 is a water conditioner and pH Neutralizer that addresses high levels of acidity often found in water. Acidic water conditions can cause contaminants to be leached from pipes and end up in your drinking water.

Features and Benefits:

  • Metered controls ensure the reduction of wastewater
  • Digital control valve with LED display offers operational flexibility
  • Ceramic core technology for smooth, trouble-free valve operation
  • Raises the pH an alkalinity of the water making it more “plumbing friendly”
  • Fully automatic, care-free operation
  • User friendly controller programming
  • Robust construction ensures that the C150 Neutralizer need only be inspected once a year

Signs a pH Neutralizer is Needed

  • Blue or green stains around pipes, sinks, bathtubs

  • Metallic, sour taste in drinking water

  • Stains on clothing

  • Appliances that need repair often

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