wc150 water conditioner


The AR100 removes the presence of arsenic in water. Homes in areas with arsenic-rich bedrock that rely on private well water are often exposed to higher levels of arsenic than normal.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Aerus Ceramic Core control valve for dependable, trouble-free service
  • NSF approved adsorptive filter media to reduce arsenic, lead, and other trace elements
  • Digital metered controls to mitigate wastewater and offer flexible backwash programming
  • Component construction designed to resist corrosion and excessive wear Dependable performance under a wide pH range
  • Effective on both species of arsenic (As+3 and As+5)
  • Offers very modest operation costs with no expensive chemicals to buy

Signs an Arsenic Filter is Needed

  • Unfortunately, arsenic usually goes undetected. Testing is needed.

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